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Digital Ad Campaign

This digital ad campaign was served to over 400,000 of the most critical voters in the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate election. Targeting a mix of races, genders and ages concentrated in the Philadelphia suburbs, this ad features an AFSCME public service worker describing how John Fetterman fights for those who make Pennsylvania run. Establishing a contrast with Fetterman as a true champion for hard-working, blue collar Pennsylvanians and Hollywood Doctor Mehmet Oz as a puppet for the wealthy elite, was a crucial piece of Fetterman's impressive performance in the Philadelphia suburbs and ultimately his winning statewide margin.


Direct Mail

New Day Nevada

IE Campaign

This direct mail campaign hit on one of the central thematic messages of the IE's campaign: labeling Jon Petrick as "Dr. No." Using imagery referring to the famous James Bond villain "Dr. No", this piece highlights how Petrick's views and policies would set back the clock decades for women's reproductive rights. 

Direct Mail

Hobbs for Jobs

AFSCME Mailers

In the 2022 race for Governor in Arizona, "Hobbs for Jobs" was more than an ad slogan: it was a mission statement. This AFSCME piece was part of a 5 piece program targeted at AZ Pensioners with an 8.5x11 mail piece that opened into a window poster with the message “I am a Pension Voter"


Direct Mail

For Our Future

FOF Nevada Doorhangers

This innovative persuasion door hanger helped carry For Our Future's early persuasion work and voter education for Nevada in the 2022 midterms. The door hanger folded out to an 8.5x11 piece that was able to feature the messages of eight different candidates and some voting information. By designing such a door piece, FOF was able to highlight twice as many candidates (with messaging) as a typical door hanger in a state where a strong progressive field effort aided many narrow victories.


Direct Mail

Color Action

COLOR Mailers

We have worked two cycles with COLOR Colorado on out-of-the-box designs that gain voters' attention and break through the clutter.


Direct Mail


Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance

This variation on social pressure mail accounts for culturally competent design targeting AAPI voters across Pennsylvania. AAPI voters are the fastest growing part of the electorate in Pennsylvania, as well as nationally, and message and information accessibility has been a critical component of increased turnout. This piece not only delivered critical messaging in multiple languages identified by Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance Votes as the most spoken AAPI languages in the state, but separated itself from typical social pressure messages by using clever design to speak to the Asian diaspora as reflected in API PA’s Asians for PA cycle program.

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