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Our Approach

At Pendulum, we build bespoke web presences that center our client’s mission. We balance the crucial combination of striking messaging and masterful design so your brand is at the forefront. Our user-driven design approach fashions an innovative, seamless web-browsing experience that ensures our clients stand apart in the crowded digital space. 

We deliver striking messaging and masterful design. 

We design and develop websites in-house that are modern, responsive and consumer-driven. Our distinctive approach allows us to build fully custom works to best suit the needs of our client and their unique and varied audiences. With an emphasis on responsive design and accessibility, we bring our client’s messaging right to their audience’s fingertips.

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Featured Work



Our full-service web design treatment centers your mission in all aspects of design. See how we carried Aqui's strength through every page.


Business Forward

At Pendulum, we know there’s no shortcut or replacement for clean, streamlined design.


Mi Familia Vota

Professional and fun are not mutually exclusive. See how we balanced the two in our vibrant, earnest designs for the Mi g.

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